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    Dear ignacio,

    The race to find solutions to the climate crisis is both a marathon and a sprint. It’s a marathon because we’re together on the long road toward climate justice.

    It’s a sprint when moments along this journey seem to go very quickly. I’m very grateful to say that the past few months have brought us one of those sprints.

    I invite you to take a moment to reflect on all we’ve accomplished together. 

    Over 1,200 events for the Season of Creation–including the first-ever event with Pope Francis. Nearly 350 climate strikes. Divestment from fossil fuels on a massive scale.

    All of this is possible because of you. You make the movement. 

    I invite you to take a look at plans for the year ahead. There are two big moments to put on your calendar now:

    • Laudato Si’ Week, 16-24 May
    • Season of Creation, 1 September-4 October

    Together with our partners, we’ve identified that these moments will be the “sprint” next year, when Catholics around the world will come together to bring the Laudato Si’ vision to life.

    I encourage you to put these dates (16-24 May and 1 September-4 October) on your community’s calendar now. We’ll share more information soon.

    I’m so thankful for all you bring to this movement. Your prayers and actions are a blessing for creation and us who share it.

    In faith,
    Tomás Insua
    Executive Director, Global Catholic Climate Movement


    Pope Francis at his first-ever Season of Creation event


    News from Global Catholic Climate Movement and chapters

    • During the Season of Creation each year, Christians all over the world come together in prayer and action for our common home. Christians organized over 1,200 events for the season this year.
    • Pope Francis celebrated the Season of Creation with groundbreaking actions. He issued the first-ever papal message on the season to open it. To close it, he held the first-ever papal Season of Creation event
    • Climate strikes brought the season to life with prophetic advocacy for our common home. Catholic champions organized nearly 350 climate strikes on six continents to lift Catholic voices loud and clear.
    • The Catholic divestment movement has grown even stronger, with more than 160 institutions now having committed to step away from fossil fuels. Catholics are the single largest source of commitments in the global movement.
    • The synod on the Amazon brought worldwide attention to this precious place and its peoples. The synod’s outcomes include a call to heal from “ecological sin” by adopting an integral ecology.


    Speaking up for creation

    Coming soon

    We’ve accomplished a lot together. But 2020 is shaping up to be an even bigger year for protection of our common home. Here are just a few of the global milestones happening in 2020.

    • Laudato Si’ will reach its fifth anniversary.
    • Countries will say how (and whether!) they’ll meet their commitments under the Paris climate agreement.
    • Crucial elections will set the course for the coming decades of climate justice.

    Catholic values have important role to play in shaping these moments.

    With our partners, we’ve identified two crucial moments for next year: Laudato Si’ Week (16-24 May) and the Season of Creation (1 September-4 October).

    Please put these moments on your community calendar now. We’ll share more information soon.


    Catholics in Chicago


    News from Laudato Si’ Animators and chapters

    • Africa: Nairobi, Kenya Animator Isaac organized an educational event with his parish. The event helped the parish understand the UN’s sustainable development goals and how they relate to care for creation.
    • Asia: San Juan City, the Philippines Animator Lilia helped organize a hands-on sustainability workshop with students and their parents to create solar lamps and eco-bricks made of recycled materials.
    • Europe: Madrid, Spain Animator Silvia organized a Laudato Si’ commitment day with a local school. The students prayed together, brainstormed ways to live more sustainably, and made personal commitments. Their families were invited to participate in a climate strike as a way of making the commitment more concrete.
    • North America: Chicago, USA Fr. Michael organized a climate strike to call for climate justice. One of the strike’s banners said, “Catholics know that the climate emergency is real. Act now!”
    • Oceania: Alice Springs, Australia Animator Chris and his parish held an Oceans Sunday Eucharistic Service to better appreciate the water that lies over 1,000 km from his city. The parish reflected with candles on the altar, a tasting of salt water, and a slideshow of the oceans.
    • South America: Antuco, Chile Animator Ana Maria and her circle organized a Laudato Si’ mass and litter pick-up.


    Climate strike in Brazil

    Coming soon

    Ahead of the UN climate summit in Spain, communities around the world are coming together for climate strikes. The climate strikes coincide with the 40th anniversary of St. Francis being named the patron saint of ecology, and Franciscans in Assisi and beyond will be marching. 

    Join the climate strikes 29 November or 6 December. Stand with us and with all those who protect creation. Whether it’s a public prayer, a moment of silence in your school or workplace, or a march to your town center, the important thing is to take action. 

    We’re standing together because our faith calls us to act. Register your action on the global action map here to inspire even more Catholic communities to take action.



    Laudato Si’ Animator of the month

     Laura, Laudato Si’ Animator

    Laura, from Buenos Aires, explains how being a Laudato Si’ Animator has changed her:

    To me, being an Animator means taking action where I am. It means raising awareness, praying, and lifting my voice so that others will become custodians and agents of change in this society. It means knowing that I’m small but not alone, that I’m part of a movement that teaches us and encourages us.

    Most people now know about the encyclical, and they’re coming up with new ways to care for the environment. Young people, children, and adults are all taking action. It’s exciting to see how each one is responding to the call. We’ve formed a new group to organize these projects, not only in our parish community but in the surrounding neighborhood. The invitation is to all, because our common home belongs to all.

    I’m especially proud of a workshop series with children, young people and adults. They all started making changes, both personal changes and community changes, to care for our common home. We’ve already planted trees and we’re making a new garden but above all we want to go into the streets, so that more people start to live more simply. 

    Laudato Si’ Animators are local champions of creation care. The next class of Animators is forming in the next few months, so be sure to watch your email to apply or to share the news with a friend.